Document Personalization

Custom tailored solution for issuing smart cards, biometric passports, membership cards, visas, digital tachograph cards, health insurance cards and loyalty cards. Document lifecycle support - from enrolment to personalization and renewal. PKI cryptography and security.



CENT SI has built several ICAO compatible biometric passport issuance solutions. Countries like Burundi and Niger are issuing biometric passport with our software. Our team members were involved in several other passport projects (Slovenian and Sudan biometric passport). Based on our experiences we provide consulting. We did biometric passport issuance system feasibility study for Republic of Kosovo.

Our services:

  • Consulting
  • Integration
  • Data entry
  • Biometric enrolment
  • Bank - payment support
  • Support for complex workflow
  • Approval
  • Documents management
  • EAC PKI implementation
  • Job management
  • Laser and ink-jet personalization
  • Chip personalization
  • Quality control

Digital Tachographs

As some of the team members were involved in developing digital tachograph system for Republic of Slovenia, we are proud that CENT SI had oportunity to develop system for issuing EU compatible digital tachograph cards for republic of Croatia. Our job was to develop and integrate the system with EU infrastructure. From front office to personalization and renewal of the cards. Support for all four types of cards: driver, company, workshop and inspection. Proven experience with TachoNet integration.

Our services
  • Consulting
  • Integration
  • Development
  • CIA - Card Issuing Authority
  • CP - Card Personalization
  • PKI infrastructure with Key Management System
  • Data exchange with EU services
  • Card personalization (polycarbonate, chip)
  • Data preparation
  • Web portal for Police
  • PIN generation and secure mailing
  • Quality control

Loyalty Cards

We consider ourselves as loyalty experts. We are involved as consultant and technology provider for several major Slovenian loyalty systems (Mecator Pika, NLB EnKa). We created our own loyalty product (mojCENT). This is guaranty that we can handle your loyalty program from the start to the end while is not important weather you prefer contact, contactless, Mifare, NFC, mobile or barcode card.


If you are looking for membership card solution we can handle all your requests. We are in card issuing business for more than 15 years. We have developed unique and easy to use enrolment system. We handle security and personalization. Congresses, fairs, clubs, VIP events, company cards, ship cards. One of our advantages in this field is that we do not prefer or require you to use our cards. We do not sell cards, but we have good relations with the companies that do that.


Do not allow your projects to fail miserably. Use our real-world projects experiences for you success. Our experts can help you in the process of system design, system architecture, process of purchasing and public tenders preparation, project management and with quality control issues.